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Book Release and Online Addendum

  The University of Michigan Press just released my new book, Normalizing Corruption: Failures of Accountability in Ukraine . I began developing the book several years ago and owe a debt of gratitude to many people and organizations that helped me gather data, meet with politicians and activists, and hone the ideas that I explore in the text.  Because book publishing is a long process, much has happened in Ukraine and the world since I completed the manuscript in the middle of 2019. To address some of these issues, I composed an online addendum that speaks to developments in Ukraine's domestic politics, the unexpected role Ukraine played in US politics, and the impact of the global pandemic on reform efforts. Ukraine is not alone in its struggles to battle corruption and build functioning mechanisms of accountability. I hope that the book  and the addendum posted here  (also below), provide some insights into ways that societies can escape the trap of normalized corruption. You can

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