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Research Updates

Over the last few months, several of my ongoing research projects have moved forward.

The University of Michigan Press is publishing my next book, Normalizing Corruption: Failures of Accountability in Ukraine. The manuscript is currently in pre-production and should be available in 2020.

The Central Eurasian State Capacity Initiative, which investigates how countries that border hostile neighbors provide civilian services and address vulnerabilities in state capacity, was funded by the Minerva Research Initiative and launched in August 2019. We have been gathering data and conducting fieldwork in 2019, with more planned in 2020. We recently published a journal article and online commentary.
Buckley, Cynthia J., Ralph S. Clem, & Erik S. Herron. 2019. "An Assessment of Attributing Public Healthcare Infrastructure Damage in the Donbas Five Years after Euromaidan: Implications for Ukrainian State Legitimacy." Eurasian Geography and Economics, 1-19.…

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