Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Protests Escalate in Moldova

In a scene reminiscent of Georgian protesters' occupation of parliament in 2003 and Kyrgyz protesters' takeover of the presidential administration building in 2005, Moldovan protesters attacked parliament to express their deep dissatisfaction with Sunday's election. An unpublished imedia report suggests that the opposition has not planned major protests, but may "organize 'mass protests' soon," perhaps spurred on by the demonstrations on Monday and Tuesday. Several sources, including imedia, suggest that mobilization has been decentralized, with young people organizing activities online and by using sms. Protest is difficult to organize and maintain, however. Facing an overwhelming gap between the PCRM and opposition parties' tallies at the polls, lacking clear evidence of widespread falsification and condemnation from international observers, and absent plans to stage long-term protests, the odds are stacked heavily against the opposition.

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