Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems

I am co-editing the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems from Oxford University Press with Robert Pekkanen and Matthew Soberg Shugart. The book covers core debates about the design and consequences of electoral rules and provides examples of electoral systems in context all over the world. The first chapters have been published online by Oxford University Press and include:

Josep Colomer on Party System Effects on Electoral Systems;
Joel Johnson on Electoral Systems and Campaign Finance; and
Dan Smith on Electoral Rules and Voter Turnout.

More chapters are coming soon, including John Carey on Election System Design in Divided Societies, Gary Cox on Portfolio Maximizing Strategies, Lisa Handley on Redistricting, Ken Kollman on Levels of Analysis, and Pippa Norris on Electoral Integrity. I will share additional news about the volume as it moves forward for electronic and hard-copy production.

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