Thursday, February 7, 2013

More on Legislative Behavior and Accountability

A few updates on deputy requests and accountability in Ukraine.
  • My article with Nazar Boyko about the use of deputy requests is now available online at Party Politics (gated).
  • Nazar's organization, Cifra Group, continues to monitor deputy requests and has an online database of requests issued by MPs organized by party affiliation.
  • The opposition continues its campaign against кнопкодавство, blocking the dais in the Rada. Several alternatives have been proposed to enforce personal voting (see, for example, the article at Institutional solutions for enforcement are likely to be effective only if they are coupled with technological methods to ensure personal voting or provide evidence that the rules have been violated (such as biometric registration for recording votes). Non-technical approaches (UDAR has proposed voting by hand) may also work, but require additional oversight.

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