Saturday, April 11, 2009

Repression in Moldova

Several unpublished imedia reports note that the political opposition is being quietly repressed. While it can be difficult to separate rumor from fact, news agencies (imedia cites Unimedia) and NGOs (Amnesty International) have reported arrests of young people, or threats of harassment. Stories broadcasting evidence of abuse and the allegations of victims are on YouTube.

In addition, the use of Twitter and other methods to mobilize protesters has been undermined by spamming and contradictory messages. Further complicating matters, imedia also indicates that reporters from several international media agencies such as the BBC, Associated Press, and Reuters, as well as Romanian news outlets, have been denied entry into Moldova. Some reporters in Moldova have been detained.

Nicu Popescu's blog provides ongoing discussion of events.

[Thanks to imedia for several reports on events in Moldova.]

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